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About Our School

Grand Forks is one of North Dakota's largest cities with grassland prairie to the west and Minnesota lake country to the east. Many people who live in Grand Forks enjoy the quality of life because of educational opportunities, low crime rate, parks and recreation, and local sports teams.

In the spring of 1997, Grand Forks went through a devastating flood and fire that seriously threatened the continued existence of the community. Several schools and many homes, businesses, and infrastructure were destroyed and lost forever. Two of the schools that were destroyed were Belmont Elementary and Lincoln Elementary. These two schools served eastern sections of the city that faced the largest challenge of recovery after the flood. After several community meetings, the decision was made to build a new school to replace Belmont and Lincoln. In the fall of 1998, Phoenix Elementary opened its door to serve the educational needs of its community. Phoenix was the name chosen by staff and students. A phoenix is a legendary bird held to burn itself to death and rise fresh and young from its ashes.

The mission of Phoenix School is to provide a safe, child-centered learning environment where all students develop the knowledge, skills, self-respect, and responsibility needed to meet the challenges of our diverse and changing world. We work towards achieving our mission through a strong academic program, a focus on character education and citizenship, and ongoing efforts to prepare students for the world of their future. We strive to maintain a school that embodies the mission of the Grand Forks, Public Schools, "To provide opportunities for all students to realize their maximum potential. 

We welcome you and your child to Phoenix Elementary School!

Principal: Kevin Ohnstad

Secretary: Teresa Orr

Counselor: Amanda Bosman

Social Worker: Moire Dunn